About us

Information on Nowave Longboard

Nowave longboard was created by David Sonnier in 2003
Equipment at mini prices throughout the year:

  • Abec11
  • Randal

Sturdy boards:

  • Neo 7.1
  • Alcatraz diablo
  • Switch Tip
  • Clark kent
  • Kojakerror


A day without wave surfers set a Skate cut in half under a Board: the first skate was born, it was in California in the middle of the 50's...
The principle is always the same: a Board, 2 trucks and four wheels, it's just the quality of the components which has evolved. QUALITY is the key word that has guided our research: a neat definition of materials with a titanal sandwich / fiberglass / core prestressed wood, impeccable manufacturing and a rigorous selection of the best accessories. We tested, modified, adapted our production to offer you a product successful, set to stay for years at the top of the performance and pleasure. However, our technical staff remains on a war footing to continue to seduce you and surprise you. What is under your board NOWAVE is the stuff of reference of riders who feel the leather, it causes! Need however to have their level of commitment to benefit, the first rounds of ride wheels allow you to enjoy the outstanding performance and fabulous for our unique and highly technical recovery titanal sandwich / fiberglass / wood.


Thank you to all the team of nowave, I did receive the gear and your prices are really top
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